Richmond Community College is firmly committed to the “Open Door” policy of the North Carolina Community College System. This policy states that all persons, 18 years or older, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, disability, or national origin who can profit from instruction at Richmond Community College shall be admitted to the college provided space is available.


1.  The first step to attending Richmond Community College is to submit an application for admission. You may also download a paper application or obtain one by contacting Student Services at 910-410-1730.

2.  As a part of the application process, official high school transcripts must be sent directly to Richmond Community College.  Please contact your school to request a transcript.  If you received your GED, your official scores are required. If you received your GED in North Carolina, you must request a transcript.  Students will not be allowed to register beyond their first semester unless all of the required transcripts are received.

RCC’s Admission policy requires submission of an official transcript from all regionally accredited colleges/universities attended that you would like to receive transfer credit. Visit your former institution’s website for information on how to obtain an official transcript. Failure to submit all official transcripts will affect admission status, transfer credit, and financial aid opportunities.

**Foreign college or university transcripts will have to be translated into English as well as having a course-by-course evaluation done before the Registrar’s office can evaluate these for applicable transfer credit.  Students must contact an official foreign transcript evaluation service to request a course-by-course evaluation. There are fees involved with these services and you must contact them for more information.

Please have all transcripts sent to:
Richmond Community College
Attn: Admissions Office
PO Box 1189
Hamlet, NC 28345

3.  Schedule the ACCUPLACER placement test in Richmond County by calling 910-410-1730 and in Scotland County by calling 910-410-1831. The ACCUPLACER assesses an applicant’s skill levels in math, reading, and English to determine if he or she is prepared for college level courses or would benefit from developmental courses

Prepare for the ACCUPLACER placement test by enrolling in a free College Readiness course by calling 910-410-1786.  Our Academic Success Center on our main campus in Hamlet also has resources to help students prepare for the ACCUPLACER.


4.  Talk with a counselor about your ACCUPLACER placement test results.

5. Check your student email for updates and future info.

6.  Finally, schedule classes during registration and pay tuition during the designated dates.

Thank you for choosing RCC.

Contact information:

Lori Graham, Registrar at 910-410-1737 or

Cheryl Vincett, Admissions Assistant at 910-410-1736 or